Incident Commander is a cooperative real-time strategy game where you command teams of emergency responders to save your city from disaster.
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About Incident Commander


BreakAway Games

Hunt Valley, Maryland

Release Date

Early Access: August 19, 2019


PC (Windows/Mac)


Incident Commander is a cooperative real-time strategy game where you command teams of emergency responders to save your town from disaster. As the acting Incident Commander, the safety of your crew and the public is your top concern… but the mayor is also watching. Protect the city and stay under the budget and rise to the top as the hero of the town!


  • WATCH YOUR SQUAD: Deploy and control police, fire crew, EMS and dozens of vehicles to contain and neutralize incidents over 8 unique missions.
  • BE PREPARED: Utilize equipment the right equipment for the job. Authorize the use of vehicles and buildings to further keep the impending disasters at bay!
  • SOUND THE ALARM: Cooperative real-time multiplayer supports up to four players.
  • PLAN AHEAD: Role selection system and mission objectives allow you to organize and coordinate your missions the way you want.
  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Dedicated Discord server have staff and players on hand to assist you should you ever need backup.

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We're out of Early Access!

Incident Commander is now out of Early Access. To celebrate, we're offering 25% for the next week. If you're interested in seeing what's changed since our last update, you check check it out here:

Last Chance Discount

Whether you're capturing crooks with the cops, towing trucks to save trapped citizens or defusing the situation at the school, you're sure to save lives and have a blast with Incident Commander! Enjoy our content with this exclusive discount starting tomorrow, 4/1/20!

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